The Clothes Rack Chair is an honest piece of furniture that acknowledges our natural tendencies. This chair has no seat; it prohibits its use as an actual chair and also prevents the clothes pile from becoming too large. It feels as if this chair understands and accommodates our human inclinations.
The Basis series is a scalable furniture system that originated in the form of a stool. Constructed from simple materials that can be found at Home Depot, the series is DIY friendly while being extremely robust.
Quiet Wedges is a series of tapered forms that secure the things in our lives. The set includes a simple doorstop, bookend and paperweight. The objects are to be cast in clear resin; when in use the objects are visually silent and they look as if they are nearly invisible. Work in Progress.
Moon Tray is a concrete dish used to collect and hold small items. The basic shapes used to construct the form of the tray represent the stability and control that organization brings to one's life. This form creates a dynamic play between light and shadow, resembling our view of the moon.
The Stamped Vase holds a cylindrical vessel between two pieces of stamped metal. The off-centered nature of the piece suggests that the vessel was suddenly sandwiched between the sheet material and now remains in that state indefinitely.
The Contra tea light holder is an object that expresses the need for opposites. The holder utilizes rough and smooth materials that represent the experiences that shape us. The base is constructed from a 3D printed steel and acts as the foundation while the porcelain sits atop and showcases the flame of the candle.